Just like a frosty cold margarita refreshes the palate on a hot day, the Massagarita enlivens the classic Swedish massage by infusing this stress relieving massage with a blend of coconut oil, lime essential oil and grapefruit aromas.

The long, soothing massage strokes coupled with the scents of a relaxing beach front tiki bar is sure to take your mind to paradise, far away from the stresses of everyday life.

Frozen Massagarita

Prefer a Frozen Massagarita?

All the soothing joy of the Massagarita with an added face massage followed by a chilled eye mask to restore tired eyes.

This refreshing duo is a perfect combination on a hot summer day. Your mind and body will feel as if you have been whisked away to be pampered on a tropical island getaway.

Massagarita with Salt

Like Salt with your Massagearita?

A classic Massagarita with the added allure of a stone massage using lightly heated Himalayan salt stones, assisting to melt away restrictive fascia and leave your muscles relieved and renewed.

The warm, moist heat of the stones assists in soothing inflamed muscles and joints.

Himalayan salt has been known to produce negative ions when heated, which assists the mind, body and soul to feel a deeper sense of inner peace, achieving the ultimate relaxation.

The luscious combination of coconut oil and Himalayan salt will leave skin glowing, refreshed with new life.

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