Back To School

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Back To School

With back to school season in full swing, it can be easy to lose yourself (and your sanity) in the rush of a new daily schedule coming into play.Whether you are a student yourself, or have young students under your roof, getting back into the swing of things can be a stressful period of adjustment.Remembering to relax may not be an easy option, but there are several on-the-go methods that you can implement to help clear your mind and realign your focus.

Try a free stress management app that provides guided breathing exercises that can be done safely behind the wheel during your commute. Or try taking a short walk with a guided meditation to realign your focus. Apps such as Prana Breath or Pacifica are free to downloaded and have guided breathing exercises as well as guided meditations that are categorized by intentions.There is scientific evidence that supports deep breathing causes a physiological response that reduces stress levels.The article below details what is happening in your body when practice slow, deep breathing.

Exercise is nature’s endorphin booster and it also gets the blood flowing which enhances cognition function.Since exercise increases blood flow, it means more energy and more oxygen is delivered to all areas of the body including the brain.Our brains perform better when we have a healthy supply of oxygen feeding it.Getting regular activity during the workday is important not only for your body, but for your productivity.If you are stuck on solving a problem at work or school, try a quick stroll to get a fresh supply of oxygen to your brain and see if that helps bring a solution.

The oxygen boost for getting in a walk or two during the day not only boosts cognitive function, but increases energy as well.While back to school season may feel tiring and overwhelming, getting a workout in early in the day can help boost and maintain energy levels throughout the day.Supplements such as B12 are also good way to get that extra boost you may need.Check with your doctor to see if adding a B12 supplement to your daily diet is right for you.If so, try taking a B12 supplement with lunch to help propel you through that mid-afternoon lull.