About Body Wise Massage Therapy

As a child, I always wished there was something I could do to alleviate the back pain my grandfather experienced from years of working in his shop making beautiful items out of wood. Looking back now, I can see how the repetitive movements he made and all the time he spent on a cement floor lead to the back pain he experienced. Massage could have helped alleviate many of his aches and pains and this why I believe massage is so important. To help people feel better and be well.

I graduated from Northwest Academy of Massotherapy in October of 2006 and was licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board in 2007. Since then, I have continued my education through researching and studying new techniques and ideas that will allow each individual person to get the most out of their experience. Continuing education in this field will always be a priority for me.

Massage Therapies I have years of experience in the massage field, mainly working at a massage therapy office. I've also worked at spas and salons doing massages, and also at different businesses doing chair massages for their customers or employees.

One of the many modalities I practice includes lymph drainage. Massage with Lymph Drainage helps push deposits out of your muscles and into your lymphatic system to be removed as waste. Our body is made up of about 66% of water. Approximately 75% of the human brain is water, 83% of the blood is composed of water, 70% of your skin is water, and 70% of your lean muscle tissue is water. Having these deposits removed through flushing waste out through your lymph system is partly why I believe massage and lymph drainage is so important.